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Baylor Cavalier Champion
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a toy
spaniel bred to be a companion dog. They
are friendly, happy dogs who are great
with children, other animals, and they never
see a stranger. Their tails are always
waggin' to match their happy dispositions.
Cavaliers adapt well to any lifestyle, as
long as they can spend time with their

Lanmar Cavaliers is located in Central
Tennessee. We have a limited number of
litters a year and occasionally we do have
puppies for sale. Please call, email, or visit
our site for updates, upcoming litter
information, and to view our latest

For more information and the
breed standard please visit the Cavalier
King Charles Spaniel Club, U.S.A. at

© All Photos are copyrighted by Margaret Hubbard / Lanmar Cavaliers

Margaret Hubbard
Dr. Lana Beavers


Shelbyville, Tennessee
Phone: 931.703.6246

Members: CKCSC, USA
CKCSC, South
CKCSC, Mid-West
CKCSC, Northeast